Teaching Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to


Your child can listen, speak, and learn.

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Listen, Speak, and Learn

Innovative technology such as cochlear implants and advanced hearing aids allow babies and children who are deaf or hard of hearing to hear sounds, opening the door to spoken language. Weingarten’s early intervention and intensive spoken language education and therapy teaches children to listen, speak, and learn, enabling them to succeed in mainstream education.

Transforming lives of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, teaching them to listen, speak, and learn through:

proven spoken language and cognitive development curriculum

family-centered education

innovative technology

Do you want your child to listen, speak, and learn?

ACT NOW. Babies’ neural connections are 15X adults’; they can form brain pathways for language if they learn by age three. As the brain prunes pathways not used, it becomes progressively harder for children to acquire language as they get older.
TEACH LANGUAGE. Babies who are deaf or hard of hearing have less access to sound, even with technology, and they spent major portions of their lives in silence before they received the technology. They need intensive language education and therapy to acquire language and close the gap with hearing peers (who develop language naturally).

Our Impact

  • 80%+ of our graduating kindergarteners transition to mainstream school by first grade.
  • 80%+ of our adult alumni are in college or hold bachelors or higher degrees.
  • Compare that with 50% of children in the US who are deaf or hard of hearing graduate from high school with a fourth grade level of literacy or below.

News & information

BACK ON CAMPUS! Kindergarten, Prekindergarten, and Toddler classes are back on campus under policies and procedures to minimize risk of COVID. Preschool class and several families continue to elect distance learning.
VIRTUAL GALA NOVEMBER 7. We are seeking auction items and sponsorships. Visit https://WCC2020.ggo.bid to register, donate, and (starting November 1) bid.

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Happy Parents

"WCC had a huge positive impact on our daughter’s life for the following reasons: 1) When our daughter was first identified, we received a lot of support from the school’s staff and community. 2) She received the best of care from the amazing teachers and therapists, who taught her how to listen through her CIs, advanced her cognitive skills and worked very hard on her receptive language and even harder on the expressive. 3) WCC taught us as a family how to best support our deaf child at home and how to advocate for her. 4) Morning Music taught our daughter to be comfortable on a stage and in front of a crowd 🙂 "

“WCC gave our son the chance to hear and listen. His receptive language and ability to connect with others, enjoy music and movies, read books -- all of that world opened up to him. One of his favorite things to do is dance, all of that thanks to WCC"

“Life-changing! Weingarten allowed our daughter to fully participate in the hearing world! She is confident, and can choose whatever path in life she desires. She will not be held back by her hearing loss!"

“Profound. We would never have been able to achieve the level of listening and spoken language that our child has without WCC. WCC has the best DHH teachers and therapists and their parent teacher model is critical for equipping parents to teach their children around the clock."

“Apart from excellent spoken language, my child learnt key life skills like confidence, compassion and self advocacy at WCC that helped share her character and continue to contribute to her success and make her a kind and charming human with a strong desire to give back."


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