Our staff takes great care to determine if Weingarten Children’s Center is the appropriate placement for your child and family. We want every child to advance and succeed in our program so prospective school students and therapy clients are first seen for a screening.  


Step One: If you are interested in enrolling your child for class and/or to receive speech language therapy or occupational therapy, please fill out the Contact Us form and in your message please mention the date when you would like to begin those services.

Step Two: We will contact you by phone or email. We will request to review any and all relevant reports (e.g. IFSP/IEP, speech-language evaluation, audiological reports, occupational therapy evaluation report, etc.) prior to the screening appointment. This way, we can know better what to focus on during the screening.

Step Three: Screening with Speech Language Pathologist. This takes approximately 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes to discuss impressions and recommendations. In some cases, a comprehensive evaluation and/or a short-term diagnostic placement at WCC might be recommended.

Step Four: After the screening, if appropriate, our Clinical Director will take you on a tour of WCC. This is frequently done on the same day as your initial screening and will be arranged when we contact you in Step Two.

Step Five: Once it’s agreed that WCC is a good fit for your child and family, you will complete all required enrollment forms and determine a start date for your child to listen, learn, speak and have fun!. In some cases, a shorter-term diagnostic placement may be offered to assess whether our program and services will benefit your child in the long run.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are seeking school district funding for class and/or therapy, please contact your district for an IFSP/IEP to discuss placement options [links:  San Mateo County  |  Santa Clara County]. While we contract with many Bay Area school districts, the offer of FAPE or Free Appropriate Public Education, means we may not be the district’s first choice since we are a private California state accredited organization. For those families paying privately, enrollment may begin once all required enrollment forms are completed and returned.

If you plan to seek insurance reimbursement for therapy, most insurance providers require an evaluation prior to therapy starting, along with a doctor’s prescription for both the evaluation and therapy services. At this time, the only insurance that we contract with is Kaiser Northern California. Some children are eligible for therapy utilizing their Kaiser benefits. Please refer to IF YOU INTEND TO SEEK REIMBURSEMENT document and the INSURANCE CODING GUIDE It is the responsibility of each family to know and understand their insurance provider’s benefits and coverage.