“What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see.” Jean Piaget

Encourage & Celebrate

At WCC, each child’s thoughts and ideas are both encouraged and celebrated! Our expert teachers guide children to become active participants in their own learning through questions like “What do you see?” and “What might happen if?”

Explore, Create, Problem-Solve

Our inviting classrooms allow the students at WCC to explore, create, and problem-solve throughout their day, while our small class sizes give teachers and aides the chance to connect with each student. WCC offers classes for Infants (starting at 12 months), Toddlers (starting at 18 months), Preschoolers, Pre-Kindergarteners and Kindergarteners.

Growth & Development

Alongside cultivating creative thinking skills, WCC teachers and therapists promote exceptional social-emotional development, allowing children to acquire a richer understanding of one another, form close friendships and set the stage for lifelong success. Our focus is on closing the gap between children with speech and language delays due to hearing loss and their same-aged hearing peers. Through differentiated instruction and a strong academic curriculum, WCC students are closing this gap! WCC is a California State accredited Non-Public School whose curriculums align with Preschool Learning Foundations and Common Core State


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