Distance Learning


Bringing listening and spoken language to 3, 4 and 5 year-olds in California and Nevada to help prepare them for success in kindergarten.

TeachLSL™ will combine school district resources where applicable with family-centered learning:

  • Live Zoom classes for up to 6 children per class, either 3 or 5 days per week
  • Each child will need to be with an adult
  • Weekly parent consultation and education
  • Asynchronous projects and lessons for LSL-Preschool learners
  • Designed to meet auditory and spoken language IEP goals (anticipates an IEP amendment)

We offer 2 tracks:

To improve LSL (Listening and Spoken Language) skills, this is hybrid learning for children enrolled in core inclusion, Total Communication, or American Sign Language programs. The program is three days a week (30 – 45 minutes per session) plus a parent consultation session. It is assumed that the child will continue to participate in their core program, with TeachLSL™ adding extra sessions without additional homework, projects, or asynchronous lessons.

A comprehensive distance learning LSLs program designed to prepare children to succeed in mainstream general education classrooms. Five days per week plus weekly parent consultation, asynchronous projects and lessons delivered via SeeSaw Learning Management System. This can be delivered either at home if a parent or caregiver can participate or at school with an adult (SLP or aide) participant.


Within two days of the county stay-at-home order in March, WCC implemented a comprehensive distance learning program that incorporated:

  • Live Zoom classes
  • Prerecorded specialized listening and spoken language-focused video sessions including classes for music and reading
  • Homework assignments
  • Parent activity logs
  • Daily teletherapy 
  • Direct family consultations

A New Way To Learn

100% of Weingarten families participated in distance learning. For children ages 2 – 6, distance learning required parents to take a central role; our tradition of family-centered education was extremely helpful to families and staff. Thanks to our audiologist and school district partners, students’ hearing technology was optimized for distance learning and electronically linked to families’ computers where feasible. Based on eight years of Baby Talk Teletherapy experience, our staff had skills and technology required to so rapidly implement a comprehensive and effective distance learning program.

Transitioning Back

Distance learning and socialization are particularly challenging for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, and we have transitioned most classes and families back to on-campus class and therapy. We remain prepared to cycle back to distance learning by cohort or in full as circumstances require.


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