What is TeachLSL?

TeachLSL™ is a virtual program that teaches preschool aged children who are deaf or hard of hearing how to listen & talk

TeachLSL Goals:

*Improve your child’s listening and talking skills

*Partner with your child’s school and IEP team

*Connect you with other families of children with hearing loss

TeachLSL Questions


Who is TeachLSL For

TeachLSL is available throughout California to students with hearing loss (ages 3-5) who are unable to travel to WCC (a center-based LSL program). TeachLSL is designed to provide additional instruction and services to students already enrolled in current programs.  


How is TeachLSL Funded

Children participating in TeachLSL™ are typically school district funded. This means the IEP team has decided that TeachLSL™ services will help to meet your child’s unique listening and spoken language needs. Private pay is also an option. For families experiencing financial hardship, tuition assistance may be available. Families applying for tuition assistance must also be attempting to work with their school district to request TeachLSL™ be added to their child’s IEP.


What are the Benefits of TeachLSL

TeachLSLprovides children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families a convenient and high-quality option for accessing education that focuses on developing spoken language communication.   

TeachLSL offers helpful opportunities to connect and build relationships with other families and professionals working to develop Listening and Spoken Language skills for their child with hearing loss. 


    Who will provide TeachLSL Services

    A teacher of the deaf or a speech therapist who has a high-level of education, training and experience teaching children with hearing loss Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) skills.

      TeachLSL Program  Options:

      TeachLSL strives to provide an individualized program for each child based on their present levels of performance and determined areas of need. 


      TeachLSL Class

      • Three, 30-minute virtual sessions per week in a small group of up to 6 children

      • LSL-focused goals

      • Thematically-based lessons

      • Social-emotional, self

      advocacy & critical thinking activities


      TeachLSL Caregiver Education

      • One 30-minute weekly session

      • Support & connection for families on their hearing journey

      • Educational topics about hearing devices, audiograms, LSL strategies, auditory, speech & language development and more!


      TeachLSL TeleTherapy

      • One 60-minute weekly teletherapy session with both child & caregiver
      • Individualized lessons to meet each student’s unique needs & help them reach their fullest potential
      • Emphasis on developing listening and spoken language skills through real life connections & rich learning environments

      TeachLSL Consult

      • Collaboration with a student’s IEP team to ensure LSL learning occurs across all environments through supportive observation, helpful consultation, & expert mentoring and coaching

      Together, let's begin your TeachLSL journey!

      How to I Enroll in TeachLSL?

      Please complete the Initial Intake Questionnaire so we can learn more about your child.

      Get In Touch

      Email: teachlsl@weingartencc.org

      Telephone: (650) 365-7500