Did You Know?

  • Movement and rhythm exposure enrich language development and speech perception skills.
  • Consistent participation in musical activities enhances spatial-temporal and executive functioning skills.
  • Early engagement in musical experiences can improve overall cognitive processing.
  • While participating in music, words stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain and rhythm stimulates the right.
  • The brain loves music!

The Music Adventures Experience

Our mission at Music Adventures is to foster your child’s musical abilities, while also cultivating their social confidence and language skills. The Music Adventures curriculum explores singing, movement, and instrument play in each class and meets each child at his or her current skill level. We believe in the power of music and we want to share it with your family!

Music Adventures classes are held once per week and are 30-45 minutes in length depending on the age of the group. Each session is 6-weeks long and focuses on a different set of thematic songs that you can carry over at home using the Music Adventures songbook provided with the class.

Children’s Music and Cochlear Implants

Check out our YouTube channel designed to empower parents and professionals who work with children with hearing loss. Each short and simple lesson includes a new teaching tip and a song twist for a familiar tune. Grow your child’s speech, language, and listening skills while making music a way of life in your home or school! We encourage families to begin with Week 1 (video below) and to watch a new lesson each week as a part of their child's listening journey.