Weingarten Children's Center Receives Prestigious Honor From Redwood City Council

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Peninsula Nonprofit School Teaches Children with Hearing Loss; Tee Off Fore Our Kids 26th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

There’s a hidden gem on the San Francisco Peninsula that took center spotlight April 23, 2018, during the Redwood City Council meeting. Mayor Ian Bain and fellow council members honored and congratulated Weingarten Children’s Center for its 50 years in providing exceptional educational service to the various communities of the Bay Area and beyond. The school teaches deaf and hard of hearing children to listen, speak and learn.

“When I first visited the Weingarten Children’s Center more than 20 years ago, I was touched by the profound impact they were making on the lives of kids with hearing loss,” said Ian Bain, Mayor of Redwood City. “Today, I am incredibly proud to have this organization in our community, and I know they will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of kids and families for many years to come.” 
“Because of the Redwood City Council’s recognition, we hope to be more visible to families in need of a spoken language option for their deaf or hard of hearing child, and likewise, to donors whose mission it is to make such dreams come true,” said Weingarten Director Jennifer Aguilar. “Receiving this proclamation matters most if we can continue to serve children and their families beyond our recently celebrated 50 years.”
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 From left, accepting the proclamation are Ken Levinson (President, WCC Board of Directors), Jennifer Aguilar (Director of Student Services), Sharon Nutini (WCC DHH Specialist), Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain & Council Member Shelly Masur

From left, accepting the proclamation are Ken Levinson (President, WCC Board of Directors), Jennifer Aguilar (Director of Student Services), Sharon Nutini (WCC DHH Specialist), Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain & Council Member Shelly Masur

To this aim and in conjunction with May marking Better Speech and Hearing Month, according to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, Weingarten Children’s Center is gearing up for its 26th annual charity golf tournament, Tee Off Fore Our Kids.

Who: Calling all golf professionals, amateurs and supporters                     

When: June 4, 2018, 10 AM, to be followed by a cocktail reception, dinner and auction.                                                                                                         

Where: Peninsula Golf & Country Club, 701 Madera Drive, San Mateo, CA, 94403

What & Why: All funds raised, including much-needed sponsorships, will directly benefit the children and families of Weingarten Children’s Center. Tax ID 94-1706320

Weingarten’s specialized staff and teachers partner with schools throughout the Bay Area to provide high-quality education – including everything from speech and occupational therapy to music enrichment – with tuition assistance often requested and needed by its families and children, said Aguilar. She added this funding is especially important for those from birth to age three, who require support and services during the critical developmental years.

“Without financial help from our community, many children and their families would lose access to the intensive listening and spoken language services they need to one day reintegrate into the mainstream hearing environment,” Aguilar said.

About Weingarten Children’s Center

A nonprofit school focused on teaching all children to listen, speak and learn for more than 50 years.

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Children's Music and Cochlear Implants on YouTube

WCC has created a YouTube channel designed to empower parents and professionals who work with children with hearing loss. Each short and simple lesson includes a new teaching tip and a song twist for a familiar tune. Grow your child’s speech, language, and listening skills while making music a way of life in your home or school!

Here is the first video in the series:

BabyTalk Profile on CNN en Español (captioned)

BabyTalk Profile on CNN en Español (captioned)

Interview with Kathy Sussman of Weingarten Children’s Center about the joint teletherapy BabyTalk program with Stanford University.

BabyTalk provides speech and language therapy services via a telemedicine model using iPads and FaceTime to deaf and hard of hearing children. The program includes parent education, early childhood educational interventions and aural rehabilitation to cochlear implanted children and their families.

The segment was captured live on CNN en Español on Monday February 24, 2015. Presented during “Realidades en Contexto”, hosted by Mercedes Soler. Captioning and translation provided by Weingarten Children’s Center staff and volunteers.

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Reaching deaf babies with implants, iPads and therapy (CNN Money)

Reaching deaf babies with implants, iPads and therapy (CNN Money)

WCC in the NEWS!: An Amazing Story! In partnership with Stanford’s Department of Otolaryngology, the shared BabyTalk Program makes a difference in the lives of hearing impaired and deaf children every day.  Weingarten Children’s Center continues their wonderful commitment to provide much needed speech and language services for those who do not have immediate access through advancements in technology. No matter what the distance, giving the gift of spoken language.

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