Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is offered at Weingarten’s Children Center for children from infancy through elementary school. A variety of modalities are enlisted to support children towards optimal development. These include sensory motor therapy, handwriting and visual perceptual support, reflex integration, and Integrated Listening Systems. Screenings, assessments, direct therapy, and consultative services are offered. Weingarten is proud to have a Multi-Sensory Environment to support children therapeutically.


When should an OT be consulted?
The following are indicators:

  • Delay in motor coordination, poor balance or poor posture
  • The inability to sit still for an age appropriate length of time
  • Fine motor challenges such as trouble holding a pencil, using scissors, eating with utensils, fastening clothes
  • Delay in choosing a dominant hand (past 5 years old)
  • Letter and number reversals (past 5 years old)
  • Poor organization, concentration, attention, focus
  • Challenges making or maintaining friends
  • Avoidance of age appropriate social and physical activities
  • Excessive avoidance of certain textures, tastes, smells or sounds