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“Lifechanging! Weingarten not only provided a lifestyle (spoken language) we never thought was possible when our child was first diagnosed, but they provided support and tools to us as parents to be able to give her the best possible outcome. The faculty and staff at Weingarten truly partnered with us throughout our journey. We never felt alone during those early years and we consider all of them family now.”

“Weingarten has been everything to us. We were told our child would probably never speak and now he won’t stop, all thanks to Weingarten.”


“Weingarten has been the heart and soul of who our son is today. He would not have been here had it not been for the support of the amazing teachers, superb therapists and great aides and parents and everyone at WCC. WCC has and will always hold a special place in our family’s life. Love you all loads.”

“Pretty much formed my social life and how I speak.”

“Helped me understand how to analyze a social setting and engage in a conversation with other people.”  

“Weingarten was vital to my success as a deaf individual, teaching me to listen, speak and think independently as well as providing a positive environment for me to build my self-confidence. I have fond memories of my experiences at Weingarten, which is a testament to the Center’s focus on the whole child.”

“Huge impact, created the foundation for me to learn how to be self sufficient and independent in a hearing world.”

“Life-changing. Set me up to be mainstreamed very well and early.”

“Growing up at Weingarten has always been near and dear to my heart. Till this day I remember some of my fondest memories when I was a little kid at the school.”


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